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At One of the Most Important Global AI Challenge Tahakom Team Achieves 2nd Place Globally, at the AI City Challenge

Tahakom in its first participation in the global AI City Challenge, its AI team, which includes a qualified and elite Saudi male and females achieve 2nd place globally in the AI City Challenge applications in its 6th edition in the United States of America. Tahakom talented team participated in the third track of the competition in the field of (Naturalistic Driver Data Analytics), which aims to use AI techniques to find innovative solutions to modify the behavior of vehicle drivers to increase the level of roads safety.

Tahakom team reached the last stage in the competition after passing the initial stages as one of the top ten participants among 150 teams from 27 countries. The team submitted a scientific paper that was presented at the CVPR International Conference at New Orleans, USA, which is one of the most important conferences in the field of artificial intelligence.

This unprecedented achievement comes as a result of Tahakom employees continuous pursuit and belief in the company's role in developing artificial intelligence solutions allied with Kingdom's 2030 Vision by supporting national competencies specialized in all fields, and fulfill its progressive role in development and innovation.