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“ TAHAKOM” a Strategic partner for the Saudi Intermobility Expo 2022

Tahakom is participating as a strategic partner in the inaugural Saudi Intermobility Expo 2022 which is being held from 29 November to 1 December 2022, in Riyadh.

In line with the mutual goals with the expo’s aims and interests, Tahakom’s participation in the events demonstrates its integrated ecosystem of smart AI-enabled solutions that can raise the effectiveness of mobility on the Kingdom’s roads.

Tahakom reveals its diverse abilities in public safety and smart mobility field, through its advanced cameras which have highly accurate sensory technologies that provide traffic surveillance and manage transport on the roads to achieve its goals of developing the definition of smart cities.

Through its participation in the expo, Tahakom aid in mapping out the future of Saudi Arabia’s mobility sector as well as identifying the challenges that need to be ‎overcome and the opportunities to be seized.‎ This will all lead to the purpose of developing public safety and smart mobility utilizing modern AI-based technology in line with the Saudi vision 2030 goals.