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"TAHAKOM" The First company to obtain the Organizational Excellence accreditation according to the standards of the European Organization for Quality Management (EFQM),on the 2020 model in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"TAHAKOM" company congratulates all its employees for obtaining the international accreditation certificate in quality and organizational excellence in accordance with the standards of the European Organization for Quality Management (EFQM). The company's efforts and achievements have contributed to obtaining this certificate, through its adoption of the organizational excellence model and its fulfillment of all related criterions for evaluating the capabilities and results included in the evaluation model associated with second star certification.

This certificate highlights the importance of “TAHAKOM” advanced achievements and sustainable levels of performance that would raise the efficiency of the work presented.

The objective of the (EFQM) global certification is to recognize “TAHAKOM” as a company that demonstrates an indisputable track record of success in transforming strategic plans into concrete actions and continuous improvement in its performance, and this means the commitment of the company and those in charge of it to the quality of work and continuous improvement internally and externally.

“TAHAKOM” intends to continue its commitment to continuous improvement through improvement projects and initiatives that contribute to raising the level of its organizational excellence and maintain its strengths and development.

The European Organization for Quality Management is a non-profit organization established in Brussels in 1989, and it is a prestigious global body in assessing institutional excellence for the private, governmental, and non-profit sectors, and is a global reference in this field.